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One Love Productions is a Christian production company that produces music, books, dramas, dances, movies, web-sites, clothing, games, magazines/newsletters, videos, and Hangouts. The company also hosts and organizes concerts, youth rallies, sports events, plays, charity events, dance shows, parties, and other events that would draw people in and give us the opportunity to minister the love of God. One Love Productions is a company that is called to break boundaries in the Gospel ministry and is a company that is called to spark up and help carry out Revolution among teens worldwide. One Love Productions is a company called to be a light among the darkness in one of the biggest and fastest growing industries of this age, the entertainment industry. And through the light that One Love Productions will form in the darkness of this industry, millions will be saved and this will be the start of Revolution!

The Start Of The Ministry
One Love Productions was a vision that was laid upon the heart of a young man who is called to be a leader and starter of Revolution, a young man by the name of David Rodriguez. It was a vision laid on his heart three years ago, and was a vision that through him submitting his life and dedicating his life to God, was changed into reality. David Rodriguez is now a teenager who has dedicated his life towards full time ministry and has let God take over his life so that his calling and One Love Productions is calling can be fulfilled by the power of God.

The Impact Of One Love Productions
One Love Productions has already had its first concert and has been involved in several concerts and events. Lives have been changed, people have been saved, people have found their callings in Christ, lives have been recommitted, chains have been broken, people have been delivered, and love and hope have been spread through the ministry of One Love Productions. With God there are no boundaries and because of God there are no boundaries for One Love Productions.


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